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Pastor Mike Altena, Consistory, and Staff will host a Congregational Discovery Workshop on Tuesday, July 16, 7-9 PM in the Fellowship Hall. The purpose of the workshop is to identify the work of Christ at American Reformed Church.
Thirteen years ago, some church members were part of an extensive refocus process showing ARC needs in the area of additional staff, passionate spirituality, and holistic small groups. To begin the evening discussion, a time of thanksgiving will celebrate the raising of some of these minimum factors.
Next, the people explore where God is working now. Part of reforming and examining ourselves is to identify changes in culture. Are there programs we are doing that we should stop? And are there ministries we aren’t doing that we should start. Are there actions and
behaviors within our ministry that might be inconsistent with having Christ living in us? While the Consistory and Staff have been called to bring leadership, God speaks through the entire body to reveal Himself, His purposes, and His ways. Much time will be spent in table groups talking with each other about what we see God doing right now.
Then we will give thought to where we see God at work ahead of us. What do we see Him preparing us for? We will consider the recently approved strategy of the RCA to focus on transformation, equipping, and mission. Is what God is saying to our denomination what we feel he is saying to us?
Pastor Mike says, “I believe the Congregational Discovery Workshop will be a rich time of seeking the heart of God in a corporate setting. I hope you and your high school age children will make a good effort to join us.”

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