Prayer Meeting

At our last meeting the Elders agreed to serve on the Prayer Team along with Ken Hup. We are planning to meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 PM in the Jr High Youth Room (#102)in the Lower Level. Our first meeting will be Tuesday January 28. The congregation is welcome to join us. Personal prayer appointments with the Elders for healing and deliverance can be made by contacting Mike Altena at 320-226-2646.


Reach One More For Jesus

While doing some meditating a few days ago, this verse came to mind.  Matthew 9:37 “Then he said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.’”

It made me think about the harvest of crops we take in every fall. We plant in the spring. We work the soil and fertilize it to give the seed the best chance to sprout and grow and mature and produce even more grain. We care for it as it grows and watch for things that can hurt it or slow its growth such as weeds or insects.

Then just when everything has gone well and the harvest is ready, tragedy hits. We might be deathly ill, or had a serious accident that keeps us from being capable of doing our work, or maybe there’s a death in the family that we can’t deal with. I’ve seen this many times when someone isn’t able to do their work and the harvest is ready, family, neighbors, friends, and church family step up, join together, and bring in the harvest.

It’s made me wonder, are we Jesus disciples? There are so many people searching. So many hurting, and wondering where they can find peace; wondering where you find peace. They are in your work place, at your school, people you meet on the street, at the stores you shop in, and in your church. Do you see them? Do you recognize them? They are the harvest Jesus is talking about. Are we one of the workers that are missing? They may be young or old, so it doesn’t matter how young or old we are. You or I may be the one they are looking for, to talk to. Someone brought Jesus to you and me. Now it is our turn to bring Jesus to them. There is no limit.

A song by Lyndsay Lloyd Wallace – “Reach One More For Jesus”, says it best. The words are printed below.

Darrel Van Aartsen

As I looked in my father’s eyes
Sat by his bed and held his hand
And I said my last good byes
He just held on for as long as he can
And I heard him say:

Reach one more for Jesus
Before I close my eyes
I must reach one more for Jesus
I won’t let another day go by
That’s what I’m living for
To reach one more, one more for Jesus

As I sat by father’s side
I lay down my head upon his bed
And he felt the tears I cried
And he placed his hand upon my head
And I heard him say:

Reach one more for Jesus
Before you close your eyes
You must reach one more for Jesus
Don’t let another day go by
That’s what you’re living for
To reach one more, one more for Jesus

Before he closed his eyes
For the final time
And left this earth for home
He said:

Reach one more for Jesus
Before we close our eyes
Gotta reach one more for Jesus
Don’t let another day go by
That’s what we’re living for
To reach one more, reach one more for Jesus
That’s what we’re living for
To reach one more, one more for Jesus

Soup Fundraiser

Sr RCYF Youth Group invites you to a Souper Bowl Soup Luncheon on Sunday, February 2, serving from 11 until 12:30. Your freewill donation will get you a choice of chili, chicken noodle, broccoli cheese, or potato soup, plus breads, desserts, and a drink. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the local food pantry


Craft Night

A crafting night to make a “12 Days of Christmas Nativity Board” will be Tuesday, January 14, 6:30 PM. Examples are displayed on the Narthex table; please sign up for your preferred design. These are a way to display the nativity pieces that the kids received after the Christmas program.


Christmas Program

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM  Please join us Sunday, December 15 at 6:00 PM in the Worship Center as children age 3 through Grade 5 present the message of Christmas in word and song!


Christmas Cantata

COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS CANTATA  Saturday, December 7, 7 PM at ARC. The Cantata “Sing Christmas” will feature vocal and instrumental musicians sharing the message of Christ’s birth. The performance will raise funds for the Rock County Foodshelf.  Adult admission is $10; 12 and under is $5.


T-Shirt Fundraiser

T-SHIRT FUNDRAISER  The Jr High Youth Group is selling t-shirts and sweatshirts to raise funds for future retreats and events. Please see the Narthex table for ordering details. There are three designs and many colors to choose from. T-shirts are just $15 and sweatshirts are $30. These would make great Christmas gifts and will be delivered the first week of December. There are a few ways to order – see a 7th or 8th grade ARC student, stop in the church office and talk to Becky, or shop and pay online at          Payment is due at time of ordering. Deadline to order is Wednesday, November 20.


Undie Sunday

UNDIE SUNDAYS  Place your donations of new socks and undies in the basket by the mailboxes before December 1. Please purchase sizes and styles that your family would use to provide a good variety.  Items will be given to SHARE, a Rock County Christmas distribution program.


Mexican Supper, Bake-off & Auction

Mexican Supper, Bake-off & Auction

Tuesday, November 5

Supper served 6-7:15 PM, freewill donation

Auction of baked items begins at 7:15 PM

Hosted by Sr RCYF— Youth will  challenge members of the   congregation to a bake-off  (If you like to bake and would like to be challenged, sign up at the Narthex table.

If you would like to be a judge, sign up at the Narthex table. Judging begins at 6 PM.