Children’s Offering

CHILDREN’S OFFERING  January’s children’s offering totaled $322. This money will be divided among the six school districts within ARC and given to school guidance counselors to help with any immediate needs students in their district may have. Our February offering will bless Mongu Evangelical Youth Drop-in Center -SIM where they provide biblical teaching for youth in Zambia. This remote area has deep traditions of witchcraft and animistic practices. The Mongue Evangelical Youth Center teaches young people biblical truths so they can stand strong against temptations. Just $50 sends 10 youth to camp!


Souper Bowl of Caring Offering

SOUPER BOWL OF CARING OFFERING  will be received Sunday, February 3 at the Worship Center doors at the close of the service.  The Sr High Youth Group will join with other youth around the nation to care for people in their local communities who are hungry and in need.  Each dollar received will benefit the Rock County Foodshelf.


Kitchen Conversation

KITCHEN CONVERSATION  The Property Team will facilitate a conversation on Tuesday, January 22, 7 PM in the Fellowship Hall to discuss the need for renovating the kitchen. Anyone interested is invited to attend.


Tech & Worship Team Meeting

A combined meeting with the Tech Team, Praise Team, and Staff will be Sunday, January 20, 6 PM in the Commons. We will discuss scheduling, training, practices, and responsibilities. This will be a round-table discussion to share broad thoughts, ideas and wishes about how we can all use our time and talents in support of the ARC ministry.

Middle School Gathering

MIDDLE SCHOOL GATHERING  (All youth Grades 6-8) Join us in the Commons on January 20, 6-8 PM for an ARC Chopped Kitchen Competition. Teams will get creative as they cook up something special for our judges. But wait, there is a twist! It’s sure to get a little crazy but will be a lot of fun for everyone – except maybe the judges. Each student is asked to bring one item for the Chopped Kitchen Pantry. Snacks will be provided. Whose dish will reign supreme? You won’t know unless you join us!


New Worship Director

The Consistory is excited to introduce Katrina Hart as our new Worship Leader.

Although Katrina graduated with a degree in worship from Nebraska Christian College, Katrina would say she has been leading worship since she was 19. “I have had a passion for music for as long as I remember and an even bigger passion for Jesus.” Since graduating in 2013, Katrina has served in a couple of churches as the worship leader, most recently at the Rescue Church in Flandreau, South Dakota.

Katrina and her husband, Mitchell, live in Pipestone. They have two children, Finnian, who went to be with the Lord shortly after birth, and Jude who is four months.


Tip Night for Missions

PIZZA RANCH TIP NIGHT  All are invited to a Pizza Ranch Tip Night on Monday, January 7, 5-8 PM at the Luverne Pizza Ranch hosted by the Teunissen family. A percentage of sales for dine-in, carry-out, or delivery will help cover expenses for a Mexico mission trip in January for Lauree, Alyssa, Cassidy, and Ethan Teunissen.


Volunteer Opportunity

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY  There is a wonderful opportunity available for you to assist with the ministry of ARC. We are currently in need of people to operate the projection screen during worship services and also to do screen set-up. Training is provided; commitment of approximately once per month. If you have questions or would like to job shadow for a week to see what it all involves, please contact Arlin Sandbulte or Erin Jacobsma.

Waiting in Hope

Thoughts from our General Secretary of the RCA, Eddie Aleman:

Daysi and I love road trips! This is one of the things we have in common. In the summer of 2003, after my second year of seminary was done, we drove from Holland, Michigan, to Tulare, California, to serve as a pastoral intern at Tulare Community Church. While we very much enjoyed our time on the road, our children had a very hard time understanding why we needed to be on the road for more than one day. They didn’t care about the journey; they wanted to get to the destination as soon as possible! Waiting, for them, was nonsense. Being in a car for a long period of time was for them the most boring thing on earth. On the way we stopped in different beautiful places like Grand Canyon National Park and Yosemite National Park to give them some kind of joy for the journey, but the “are we there yet?” had no ending. When we finally made it to Tulare, we were happier than them!

Just like a long road trip, Advent is a journey toward a destination. It’s the season of hopeful expectation. It’s a time of waiting. But what is it that we are waiting for during this season? The obvious answer is Christmas! But Advent is more than just waiting for a holiday, and it’s even more than just waiting for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Advent is the season that teaches us that we are in journey to a destination, and that we must enjoy the journey as much as we enjoy the destination.

It took more than 700 years for Isaiah’s prophesy about the birth of the Messiah to be fulfilled—that’s a   long journey! But, as Paul says it well in Galatians 4:4, “when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship.”

When the set time had fully come. What we do during the journey itself is just as important as the destination. How will you spend your time waiting? How are you going to spend your time during the journey?

Please consider these questions as you journey through this season of Advent:
1. What are the places in my life where I am waiting for God to do something?
2. How can I focus on the journey of Advent more than the destination?
3. What can I do to prepare the way for the Lord in my life, my home, my church, and my community?

We must do a better job in enjoying the journey while we wait for God’s appointed time. Our culture has taught us to live in the here and now, and thus we have lost the value of waiting. What does it mean to wait in hope?

Waiting in hope means holding on tight, hoping with expectation and trust, knowing that our Lord is not just making us wait to see how much we can take. Waiting in hope means complete dependence on God, knowing that he will intervene in our affairs and will answer our prayers. Waiting in hope means that we are to be near him at all times, knowing that the only way to enjoy the journey is allowing his presence to guide us. My prayer for each one of you during this season of Advent is that you will enjoy the journey as you await for the final destination.

Have a blessed Christmas, and a blessed journey to it!     Eddy Aleman