Farm Cat Finale: “Frozen.”

On November 3rd, March 3rd, and 10th, I wrote a series of articles illustrating how God desires to restore the First Commandment here on Earth.  I shared how He was using a group of farm cats to help me understand what this loving relationship looks like.  You can refer back to these articles to understand the fullness of this drama.

This will be the last article of the series as very sadly, the next generation all froze to death therefore the end of an age has come.

[Mat 24:12 NIV] 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold…

Several weeks ago, it was a very sad day on the farm.  It started off with light rain then turned colder with snow.  I knew these conditions could harm the kittens so I took them and placed them in a nice warm barn where they were safe and dry.  I then grabbed their mother, “Angel,” and placed her there as well. All she had to do was stay with her kittens during the freezing rain and they would have all been fine.

A couple hours later I saw Angel out roaming with the other adult cats and shortly thereafter the kittens came out as well.  Sadly, Angel did nothing to protect her kittens from the harsh conditions.

I ask myself: Why didn’t she do anything?  Was she ignorant? Did she not think they would not be destroyed? Was she proud? Did she think to herself, “I survived winters of the past therefore they can too. It’s just life. They need to toughen up.” Did she not realize this day was not like past days?  The combination of freezing rain and cold was way more deadly than just snow. Was she selfish? Did she not care? She did spend a significant amount of time with the other adult cats instead of protecting her own kittens.

In my humble opinion, this is very similar to what is happening to today’s youth.  The spiritual conditions aren’t the same as years past. With the speed of technology, temptation and immorality is far greater than the United States has ever seen. You could say that today’s increase in immorality is like a freezing rain, in that it’s paralyzing and slowly destroying the Church…one small drop at a time.

Today’s kids are growing up in an ungodly and unspiritual culture. In 1950, 80% of Americans were involved with a church. In 1980, 33% of Americans were. In the next decade it is predicted that between 10-15% of Americans will even attend a church gathering. Christianity in America is on a vast decline.

[Rev 3:15 NIV] 15 I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other!

Do you know what first aid tells you to do for someone who falls into a frozen body of water and is battling freezing to death? The fastest way to save this person is to take your clothes off and go skin to skin.  Your body heat will transfer into the frozen individual and restore their core temperature. The warmer the “savior”, is the faster the victim will be restored.

Our children are swimming every day in a spiritually frozen culture.  It’s gotten to the point that one or two people can’t help multiple victims. It would be like if three people fell into a frozen lake and there was only one person there to warm them up.  The Church needs more people—or “hot” bodies—to save the next generation.

Are you on fire for God? If not, what are you doing to light the fire? Our grand/kids look to us as role models. In today’s culture a lukewarm faith won’t be enough to protect the next generation from spiritually freezing to death. I hope we all can learn from Angel’s mistake.

Andy Anderson


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