Well I would guess everyone is enjoying the warm temperatures we’re experiencing this spring.  I love the season of spring simply because it’s a reminder of our new life in Christ—the old life is gone the new has come.  Everyone get’s busy cleaning out the dead foliage from their flower beds and dethatching their lawns in order that the flowers and lawns might have the best opportunity to grow.  It’s such a beautiful season of the year.
Speaking of dethatching, did you know that Jesus also did some dethatching?  Yes, the story is told in Mark 11.  First Jesus approached a fig tree that was full of leaves, but because it was bearing no fruit, he cursed the tree.  Then next, after arriving in Jerusalem, Jesus entered the Temple area and saw all kinds of dead religious activity taking place, so he “dethatched” it by driving out those who were buying and selling there.  God’s intent for Temple worship according to Isaiah 56:7 was that the people from all nations would be able to enjoy being in his presence.
At first we might be surprised by Jesus’ aggressive response in both situations, yet his actions make it very clear that he has no time for anything that hinders a person’s spiritual growth.  And because prayer is one of the clearest indicators of the healthiness of our relationship with God, we too must be aggressive in removing anything that keeps us from prayer.
The Bible makes it very clear that God places high value on our ability to communicate with him, and so should we.  And so in order to keep prayer at the forefront of all ministry that takes place in and through American Reformed Church, the Consistory has recently affirmed their support for the ongoing development of a “House of Prayer Action Team.”
The House of Prayer Team will be led by Ken and Sue Hup.  While Ken and Sue will officially be commissioned as the House of Prayer Action Team Coordinators this Sunday, they have already been praying about, and recruiting the team that will work in cooperation with the Holy Spirit in helping us grow in prayer.  Please pray for them as they seek direction from God.
In the mean time, let me remind you that you are now the temple in which the Holy Spirit dwells.  God’s desire for you and me is that each one of our temples would become a house of prayer.  Which then means, you and I are now responsible for dethatching all the dead stuff from our lives that keeps us from experiencing true intimacy with God.
May you and I be fully yielded to the tender dethatching work of the Holy Spirit in our lives as we prepare to celebrate our new life in Christ during this Holy Week.  And may the joy of your salvation become your heart’s desire to spend time in the Father’s presence.
Happy dethatching,

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