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ARC Family, I want to say thank you to all of you who participated with the recent Praise Sunday, especially those who “took worship outside the walls.” It was a fun morning, and I believe we saw God move that day in the hearts of everyone involved. This article is a brief follow-up to let you all know what happened at Southwestern Youth Services later that day. As I mentioned in the service that morning, I planned to take a small team over to Southwest to share a time of worship and devotions. The director, Randy Stoddard, was very gracious and kindly explained to me that the clients vary greatly in behavior and each week is so different that they couldn’t guarantee whether or not we could come until a couple of days before. Finally we got the word that a group could come at 1PM on Sunday. The members of the team included Joe Dorhout, Cheryl Thacker, Rick Dawson, and myself. We headed over, prayed together in the van, and then loaded in some music equipment. Pretty soon the boys filed into the room and we were thrilled to see around 20 or so young men wanting to participate in the event. We handed out song sheets, called up some volunteers to play various hand drums and other auxiliary percussion, and we had a great time of singing and jamming for the Lord! Here is how I saw God at work that afternoon: Through Joe… he got the boys involved, coached them on various drums, and got them laughing. Through Cheryl…she learned all the boys’ names, had good conversations with them, and led them in singing. Through Rick…after the praise time and devotions, we transitioned into a time of requests. The boys called out several classic rock songs like “Smoke on the Water” and “Hey Jude”, and of course Rick could play most of them on guitar! It was a hilarious time of jamming together and laughing. Rick yelled out, “How do you guys know all these old songs from when I was young?” They chorused together, “Guitar Hero!” Through the staff…what a great group of people serving on Sunday afternoon! God is at work there! Through the boys…they listened very carefully to the devotion time and many commented on how it touched them. We have no idea what they did, what was done to them, what struggles they are facing today, or what their future holds, but hopefully God touched their hearts that afternoon and planted a seed that will bear fruit in their precious lives. Thanks again and may we continue to take worship outside the walls every day! Cory

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