VBS Offering for Mission E4


This year’s Vacation Bible School offering will bless Mission E4. With the funds raised, new school benches will be built for their new schools   in Haiti. Benches are meticulously constructed   and cared for because even the smallest splinter can cause serious infection or even death because the students have very low immune systems and struggle to fight even the simplest infection. These benches are built by Haitians and all materials are purchased in Haiti to help their economy as well. Each bench costs $150 to construct. They are      in need of 50 benches this coming year—just $7,500. Wouldn’t it be great if ARC and the VBS students could fund all 50 benches so these Haitian students could learn in a safe environment. If you would like to give to this project, send an offering with your child or grandchild to VBS, bring to the church office, or place in the offering plate next Sunday, June 5.


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