This past Wednesday I had a Classis meeting in Mankato and on the way home I missed the place where I was supposed to turn and so when I reached the edge of Minneapolis I realized I was going the wrong way.  Just kidding J, actually I had only traveled about a mile before I realized I needed to turn around.  I’ll be honest with you, this wasn’t the only time I’ve missed a turn or got lost while traveling.  In fact I’ve come to accept that every time I go somewhere unfamiliar I’m going to get lost and will have to turn around.
But you say, Mike, you should get a Garmin.  Well, the reason I don’t use our Garmin is that sometimes even Rita leads me astray; I don’t trust her.  (Rita’s the name of the lady on our Garmin).  So, why am I telling you all this?  Because it got me to thinking about my walk with Jesus? Am I on the right track? Are there areas where I need to recalculate and turn around?
And how about you, when it comes to your walk with Jesus, would you say you are going in the right direction?  The Greek word for repent, ‘metanoeo,’ means to change one’s life, based on complete change of attitude and thought concerning sin and righteousness.  To repent means to view life from God’s perspective rather from our worldly point of view.
Satan is always at work to deceive us into thinking our way is always better than God’s way when all of sudden we find out he’s led us into the middle of nowhere.  For example, he deceives us into thinking we have a right to harbor bitterness and resentment when God clearly calls us to forgive.  Or, it’s okay to watch inappropriate TV shows and movies, or to listen to ungodly music when God makes it clear that we are to be holy as God is holy.
Again, would you say you’re fulfilling God’s plan for your life?  Are you following closely on the heels of our Master, or have you wandered from the Truth?  While I would suggest that we always keep a close eye on our attitudes and behavior, I would invite you during this season of Lent to allow the Spirit to show you where you must turn in order to experience more of the abundant life.
A couple of great opportunities where you might consider exposing your heart would be the “Journey of Prayer” that Marcia will have set up in the Fellowship Hall on Wednesday from 6:00 AM—9:00 PM.  Or joining us for a special prayer meeting Saturday evening, February 25 at 6:30 will also be a time where we are going to give Jesus permission to call us to repentance.  Whatever method or opportunities you choose isn’t the point, the main thing is to be aware of where you might be off track.  Nothing feels worse to me than when I realize that I have strayed from God’s will.
May you and I always be following Jesus so closely that we would always be “covered in the dust of the Rabbi.”  He is trustworthy and will never lead you astray!
Repent and believe,

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