Prayer Team Update

Wednesday, March 13th and 20th, from 5-6 PM a group of ARC members met to pray in the Fellowship Hall.  We want to invite YOU to be a part of the prayer life of ARC!!  The plan is for different ones from the prayer team to take turns leading this weekly time of prayer.  We will use different formats to bring us before the Lord each week.
Ken and I have benefited from prayer groups of our supporting churches that have prayed specifically for us over the years.  That is one of the great blessings of the life that Christ has called us to.  Because we are “missionaries of the church”, people do pray for us.  And at specific times of trials; like when our boys were at the mission boarding school when a war broke out in that country and right outside the walls of the school campus.  We knew we could send an email to certain churches because we knew they were having a prayer meeting in a few hours and would be praying for our kids and us.  We know, from personal experiences, that God listens to our prayers and He answers them.
In the adult SS class, using Bill Hybels’ book, The Power of a Whisper, this past week Bill said that there were two different kinds of Christians; the ones that want to hear from God and the ones who do NOT want to hear God’s whispers.  I said to Ken afterwards, “Is it really possible to be a Christian and not want to hear from God?”  If you want a relationship with someone, you have to listen and communicate with that person.  I pray that ARC is full of people who truly want to hear from God, and then want to follow what He says.  One way to communicate with God is through corporate prayer times.
We understand that 5-6 PM is not an ideal time….far from it.  But it will only be several weeks and then hopefully we will have a time that fits better into peoples’ schedules.  But ANYTIME we choose to have our prayer times, it will take some effort for you to attend.  Maybe you will have to take turns with your spouse, so that one of you can stay home with the kids. I suggest that you come to pray, and then stay for supper that is being served at the church on Wednesday evenings.
PLEASE, whatever it takes for us to be a PRAYING church, let’s do the work.
On behalf of the prayer team,  Cora Klay

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