Greetings from the Prayer Team

Greetings ARC family,
The Prayer Team would like to update the ARC family of what has developed over the past year with this ministry. The core prayer team consisting of Roger Niessink, Cheryl Thacker, Vicki Altena, Sue Hup, Ken Hup, Ken Klay, Cora Klay and Andy Anderson meet weekly (currently Wednesday night at 5 PM) to pray for the
church and its needs. We meet Sunday mornings prior to worship at 9 AM to pray in preparation for the worship service. Besides those of the core team, Winnie Vander Vliet, Jeff Thacker, Joel Thacker, Matt Hup and others also attend this prayer time. Note: All are welcome to join in this wonderful time of prayer.
A few goals as we move forward would be to hold prayer vigils and prayer walks of various topics and themes throughout the year. We would again wish to begin Saturday night prayer and worship services throughout the year.
We are in the process of forming branch prayer teams to specialize in certain prayer needs of the church. The first of these is called the “Intercession Team.” This team is Ken & Cora Klay and Erin Jacobsma. Their role is to intentionally pray for the prayer needs listed in the bulletin.
We also have a “Connections Team.” This team consists of Marla VanDyke, Sherry Dorhout, Roger Niessink and Ken Hup. This teams’ responsibility is to regularly meet with the various ministry teams within the church to pray with them, gather specific prayer requests from them, and bless them in their ministry.
Other specific branch teams are in the planning stages.
The Prayer Team is very excited to be able to serve this Church using the gifts God has blessed us with. If you feel a calling to serve in this ministry, please let us know. We are ALL called to pray.
Blessings, Ken Hup
1 Timothy 2:1-4

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