Greetings from H.I.M. Director

I thank the Lord for giving me life each day, and also for the privilege and the opportunity that he has given me to keep in touch with you by e-mail.  My heart is excited, and I am so happy to wish your church a blessed Christmas and New Year’s celebration.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole church for all that you have done for my family since 2012 until 2013.  I am very thankful because you trusted Mr. Cory and Mrs. Lynn’s words about me, and you decided to share with me and my family.  Sometimes our problems (in Haiti) may be difficult to understand, but you did the best you could to help me, as if we were members of the ARC Luverne family!

Today we have H.I.M who has determined to help and support Haiti’s Christian leaders, not only to lead them but also to be with them in their ministry. In this American couple, Lynn and Cory, I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in both of them. Even before the presence of H.I.M they supported a lot of people in this community through offering school, a food program, and so on. And then they choose a Haitian (myself) as director of this organization!  Very few organizations make this choice in Haiti, and that shows me how you are inspired by God.

I remember one day, an American evangelist whose name is Alan Green (the director of Lifelight) visited Haiti in 2006. He told me that I would be used to change Haiti.  I began to ask myself some questions:  Am I supposed to become the president of Haiti?  How will I ever do that?  But today I understand that my role is to help change the situation of the leaders who work for the Lord by providing them resources and encouragement. I believe God sent the Grimms and ARC to me with the same vision – God always provides!

Finally, church members, we are begging you to participate with us in such a good ministry…keep praying for us as we pray for you, also.  Then you may want to sponsor our deaf/disabled school children.  There are a total of 37 now, and we need your support. Please keep thinking of the other spiritual leaders as we make plans to continue to work with them in the future. Know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord because you don’t work for us but for the Lord Jesus Christ! May God pour his grace and blessings upon you. Read these Bible verses as words of encouragement for your good deeds: Acts 20:35, John 17: 21-24.

I look forward to keeping in touch with you during 2014 if God wills, and I wish you a happy New Year in the Lord.

Your beloved brother in Christ Jesus,  Zacharie

Visit and check out the children’s photos and information about sponsorship or call Lynn at 712-203-8604.


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