Fallen Angel

On March 3rd and 10th, I wrote articles sharing about how God desires to restore the First Commandment on the Earth.  I shared how He was using a group of farm cats to help me understand what this loving relationship should look like.  You can refer back to these articles to better understand this ongoing drama.

In this article, I would like to elaborate on the life of Angel our beloved cat. Since I last wrote, Angel is no longer a kitten.  She is the mother of two litters and the elder cat on the farm.  It is sad for me to report today that Angel has fallen spiritually. The kitten that once embodied the Great Commandments has now helped me see how Lucifer, Adam, Eve and all humanity have fallen from God’s original plan.

As Angel has grown, her character has changed from a gentle selfless kitten to a hard-nosed selfish cat. In the mornings, as we get her food, she seems to remain the “perfect angel” to us who nourish her. When we leave and other cats approach to eat with her the claws come out. Most of the other cats are afraid to come near until she’s done or leaves. Some of her own litter now don’t want anything to do with her and are recently leaving the farm.  We are convinced it is because of her attitude toward them. Prior to feeding time she hides this well. She doesn’t realize we see what is going on through the window.

We now see through Angel’s actions that being self centered eventually destroys a family.  How this self centeredness entered her heart we don’t know.  Could it have been like Satan who was in a position of authority in heaven, took his focus off God, and demanded others follow his ways?  Could it have been like Adam who was already so self-absorbed in the Garden that he failed to spiritually protect his wife from Satan?  Or could it have come the way it did through Eve whom didn’t understand God’s power in her life. She was led by Satan to believe she needed something more and out of fear took a temptation allowing pride to enter her heart.

I wonder if this is what has happened to Angel.  She began to look at herself and what she wanted or didn’t have then the fear of competing with others for it caused her present stance.  Instead of trusting us to take care of her she felt she needed something more and began to fend for herself. Whatever the motive, I now clearly see how self centeredness creates fear, pride, selfishness, and bitterness which all leads to the eventual breakdown of a family.

We have been pondering what to do. We have tried to patiently self-correct Angel but without success.  This can’t continue on or we will lose more cats and harmony on the farm.  I now see why God had to drive Adam and Eve out of the Garden.  It grieves me to say this, but we may need to drive Angel to another place. Her choices are giving us no other option. If we allow this to go on, the family will continue to dissolve.  Even my daughter Grace agrees. We wish she could see how her pride is dividing the family. Is Angel now too afraid or proud to see it?  I am at my final straw but Grace keeps convincing me to give her more time. Will she change her ways before destruction comes? The saga continues…

 Love is not proud.  Love is not self-seeking. (1 Cor 13: 4-5)  Pride goeth before destruction. (Pro 16:8)

Blessings in Christ,  Andy


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