Don’t Let the Wheels Fall Off

Sad to say, I am writing this article from the emergency room. The technicians have just finished taking  x-rays to see how many broken bones I have, and now they are preparing to do a tracheotomy so I can breathe easier. When the surgeon is finished with that procedure, they will do exploratory surgery to see the extent of my internal injuries.
I’m sure by now you’re wondering what happened. Well, it was such a shock, but about two years ago I noticed a little bit of a grinding sound coming from the front of my car. The sound was usually the loudest when I had the window down and when the volume of the radio was low. So all I had to do to eliminate the noise was to make sure the window and the volume of the radio was cranked up.
Well after about six months from when I first heard the sound, I noticed more of a screeching sound coming from the right front wheel—the kind of screech that comes from metal grinding on metal. Then, not long after I began hearing the screech, I noticed when I parked my car there was always a little puddle of oil by the front wheel. Apparently the seal was out and I was losing valuable power steering fluid from my front axle and now my wheel bearings were going out.
I knew I had a serious problem, and apparently so did many others by the number of friends who offered to help. Looking back, I should’ve done something, but I just didn’t have the time or money to take it to the repair shop. I never thought it would happen so soon, but earlier today I was driving my car about ten miles south of Luverne and as I was going around the curve, my front wheel flew off and I rolled my car. The paramedics said it must have rolled about eleven times, and so here I am, all busted up.
Ok by now, you know me well enough to know I’m making this whole story up. (I mean, because who doesn’t know that power steering fluid doesn’t leak from the front axle). I’m really not in the emergency room and I didn’t have an accident.
I only write that story as an example of how most husbands and wives deal with their relationship struggles. They know there is a serious problem but they ignore it and hope over time it will just go away. Or maybe it’s not a serious problem, but the issue is enough of an annoyance that they regularly find themselves covering it up.
Well, let me tell you from experience, if something isn’t right in your marriage, it isn’t going to get better by ignoring it. If you don’t address the problem, one day the wheels will come off your marriage. So, here’s how much God loves you; he loves you so much that he put a burden on my heart to offer you some help.  If you want a smoother riding marriage, let me suggest you take the “Couple Checkup” at .
The couple checkup assesses eight vital areas of your relationship. Once you’ve signed on, each of you will spend about 30 minutes answering several questions and when you’re finished, it will immediately show you a report of your marriage strengths, as well as identifying your growth areas.
This diagnostic tool will help improve even the best marriages. And the good news, for as little as $35, you can enjoy the beautiful journey that God has prepared for you. “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails…”
(I Corinthians 13:6-8).      For better, or for worse, Mike

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