Do You Have an Old Laptop?

What Are You Gonna Do With That Old, Dusty, Space Consuming, Good for Nothing, Worthless Laptop?
You could give Life to your old laptop… and give Life to people with great need.  Your old laptop will touch 5 lives every 6 months with 112 hours or 3 credit hours of Biblical training.  Your laptop should be fully functional and capable of running Windows.  You can also help with a monetary gift to ship the laptop to Africa and to help purchase one generator for every 22 laptops.  Our suggested donation is $65.  Your old laptop will be checked, hard drives permanently wiped before shipping.  You may clear the hard drives before you donate.  No previous data will be accessible after the laptop is prepped.
We at SIM-TEC have been training Africans for over 20 years to use computers, using Scriptural and Biblical principles, touching hearts and affecting cultures, using the Word of God and Biblically based stories.  This has given the learner physical life through a livelihood, and spiritual life through the power of the Gospel.  The CTO (Computer Training Outreach) curriculum is ready, the teachers are trained, ready and on-site, the need is overwhelming… they just need laptops.
Consider this:
With only 4 labs every six months, 500 more students will go through the Bible and will learn how to complete continued studies afterwards.
This lab is self-sustaining and will generate enough income to replace the computers every three years.  It will also provide an income for the teachers.
Where else could you give away something you no longer need and make this much of a lasting difference to so many people?
Because of the great need, SIM-TEC is putting together multiple Mobile Training Centers each with its own teacher.  A Mobile Training Center consists of 22 laptops, a generator, and a teacher specifically trained to effectively place Scripture into the hearts of students.  Your old laptop can be used to create a Mobile Training Center that can travel across Africa and bring new life to hundreds who otherwise would perish, and create an income for the teacher who will carry the message and training into the future.  All this for the cost of this single tax-deductible donation.
Please send your laptop and power supply or financial donation to SIM-TEC, c/o SIMUSA, George Cail, 14830 Choate Circle, Charlotte, NC 28273.  You may also include a $65 check in the box with the laptop and power supply.
To donate online, anyone can go to  In the “Add Donation Item” window, add the amount you wish to donate.  We are suggesting $65 for shipping a computer to Africa and for a partial contribution toward the generator.  Click “Continue to Checkout”, fill in the form and send.  Your donation will be securely recorded.  Contact Ken Klay for more information.

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