December Consistory Report

ARC Consistory met Tuesday, December 10.  Cory & Lynn Grimm requested a transfer of their membership to ARC from Good News Reformed Church, Sioux Falls.  Communion was served to 229 at the Thanksgiving Eve service.  Next Communion will be December 29.  Discussion was held on improvements that could be made to the annual congregational meeting and the 2013 minutes were approved.  The consistory reviewed their goals for the past year and discussed areas to focus on in 2014.  Concern was expressed by Deacons over the diminishing General Fund balance.  Roger Niessink was elected to Vice President; Dave Shelton, Clerk; Mike Fey, Chairman of Deacons; Grant Binford, General Fund; Randy Sasker, Building Fund; Bryan Kienholz, Benevolent Fund; Kurt Elbers, Secretary.  Consistory members will participate in an annual retreat on January 18.  Financial reports were presented and approved.  Next Consistory meeting will be Tuesday, January 7.


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