Consistory News

ARC Consistory met Tuesday, August 6. Ryan & Abbey Behr requested baptism for their daughter Kendyl Mae. Jason & Jill Blom requested membership to ARC by reaffirmation of faith and requested baptism for their daughter Sophia. Josh & Dana Klay and their son, Jaiden were also received by reaffirmation of faith.  Approved adding another deacon to the Compassion committee and Bryan Kienholz was voted in. Approved donating $500 to Western Seminary’s Scholarship fund in memory of Pastor Bloemendaal. The Consistory spent significant time reflecting on the outcomes of the Congregational Discovery Workshop. Time was spent in prayer confessing our pretense and self-sufficiency and asking God to grant us the repentance to establish Him as our first love. Approval was given to make necessary changes that would help focus our discipleship on heart transformation rather than behavior modification or sin management. Next Consistory meeting will be Tuesday, September 10.

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