Buy Grocery Vouchers

Do you shop at Glen’s Food Center?  If you do, you can help the Sr. RCYF raise money without spending any extra money.  How does it work?  Sr. RCYF buys shopping vouchers at a discount.  We in turn sell them to you for regular price.  We are able to keep the difference.  What does that mean to you?  You will get dollar for dollar spending if you buy vouchers from SR. RCYF.  You will be helping to donate funds to the SR RCYF without spending anything extra.  Stop by the table in the Narthex on Wednesday nights and Sundays and we will be able to sell you vouchers.  Vouchers are available in increments of $20—$10—$5.  You will not get change back when you use a voucher so make sure you can spend the entire voucher at one time.  If you have a charge account at Glen’s you can use the vouchers to pay your bill.  Stop by our table and get your vouchers today and help SR. RCYF make some money.  This will be an ongoing fundraiser, so tell your friends to purchase vouchers from SR RCYF.

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