Serve Breakfast at The Banquet

ARC will serve breakfast at The Banquet in Sioux Falls on Monday, February 17.  To prepare the meal, 5-6 volunteers are needed at 5:30 AM and 16-18 volunteers to serve the meal at 6:30 AM.  Sign up at the Narthex table.  Money donations for the cost of the breakfast can be designated and placed in the offering plate.

The Banquet newsletter writes “These continue to be difficult times for many in our community.  That is why we have seen an increase in the number of people who come to eat at The Banquet.  It is also why we added two breakfast meals each week, so that we are now serving breakfast five days a week.  That expansion of our services allows children to not have to go to school hungry, unable to concentrate on learning.  It also allows the working poor to go to work, fueled by a nutritious start to their day.

“Our guests have faced significant cutbacks on their food stamp benefits this year, and there is nothing to suggest that will change any time soon.  We are the fallback.  We are the difference between children and their parents going hungry, or not.  We are the difference between people having a warm place to come in the morning or at night to see some friendly faces, to socialize and to be nourished in body, mind and spirit, or not.  We are the place where over 1,100 committed volunteer groups prepare and pay for the meals that provide this nourishment to our guests.

“None of this could happen without you, and others like you.  Without your generosity, we simply could not meet the desperately growing need that we see month in and month out at The Banquet.  Thank you so very much for supporting our mission.”


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