God at Work

Greetings, neighbors!

Recently I mentioned in worship that my family and I are moving to Luverne, and by the time you all read this we should be here!  I also mentioned that we have seen God working in all the arrangements, and someone requested for that story to be written up and shared in the ARChive, so here you go!

As most of you know, after serving as part-time worship/music director for over a year, we began to discuss with the consistory the possibility of serving full-time and expanding to help out in the areas of outreach and missions as well.  This became a reality in December.  We hoped to move to Luverne as quickly as possible, but we were not sure if we should sell our house in Sioux Falls or try to move it.

The house is a manufactured home, which is essentially a double-wide trailer.  We bought it new for Lynn in 2008 after I finished seminary and began to work at a Reformed church in Sioux Falls.  We kept it through the years we served in Haiti, suspecting we might need it again one day.  We began to explore the option of moving the home to Luverne, or at least somewhere in Rock County, but so far that option has not materialized.

Finally we decided it was best to think about renting out our home in Sioux Falls and finding somewhere to rent in Luverne.  We began to pray in that direction, and within a day or two the Hup brothers contacted us and asked whether we would be interested in looking at John and Alvina’s home, as they had recently moved to Poplar Creek.  I went to take a look that day, and Lynn visited the following Sunday.  We decided that with a ramp on the front it would be a great fit for us!

The next step was to find a good renter for our home in Sioux Falls, which did not take long either!  To make a long story short, God sent us a family who really needed the home.  The father is a veteran of eight years of active duty with the marines, including two tours of duty in Iraq.  During his second deployment he was injured when a bomb blew up the vehicle in which he was being transported.  He received a head injury and severe injuries to the feet and ankles.  Now he walks with a cane, but he anticipates a series of surgeries in the coming months that will confine him to a wheelchair for a long period of time.  His wife is a neat lady as well, and they have four young children.  The house will be full and will continue to meet the needs of someone with limited mobility.  They said finding the home was an answer to their prayers.  Praise God!

We have thoroughly enjoyed the warm reception from ARC over the past year and a half, and we look forward to getting involved in the community in the coming years.  We hope to get to know all of you better, get to know unchurched people in the community, and seek Christ’s leading in each of our lives as we walk together day by day.


Cory Grimm & family


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